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Spread Love was an idea sparked by the goals posted on the wall by his co-workers. Inspired by his ambitious co-workers, Jason began to revisit an idea of starting a clothing line that was positive. He wanted to create a clothing line that everyone could relate to. A brand with a message that would make an impact in the world. After a few days of brainstorming and sketching, the phrase SPREAD LOVE was screaming out at him. A couple weeks later, Jason decided to get 17 t-shirts printed and began wearing his shirt and giving t-shirts away. Almost immediately people began commenting and complimenting his shirt on the streets, stores and while traveling at the airport saying, “I love your shirt”, “that’s what we need to do, Spread more Love”, “great message”. Taking the positive feedback Jason decided to take it further and start the company SPREAD LOVE. With the growing support of the brand, Jason is using his platform as teacher to bring more awareness to bullying and speaking at schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Perhaps the biggest impact made has been at North Kipling Junior Middle School where he teaches. The support has been so big, that the school’s Vice Principal  has now created “Spread Love Fridays”. Staff in the school where Spread Love tees on Friday.

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